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  • seo cost

    seo cost

    Would you like to know more about professional PPC and Google Adwords management services? Request a free service quote online.

  • Computer Software Development

    Computer Software Development

    Muranosoft is the well-known IT outsourcing company with several offices around the Globe. Learn more about provided services online.

  • project managment

    project managment

    Visit this website to find out more about easy-to-use, yet sophisticated project management software with all necessary options and features included.

  • karaoke bar

    karaoke bar

    solutions coming with free trial versions you can find online at

  • ecommerce software

    ecommerce software

    from is designed to meet even the most specific and complicated needs you may have.

  • AWS Docs

    AWS Docs

    Official library, provides documentation on services, features and APIs of AWS.

  • OpenStack Cloud Computing Software

    OpenStack Cloud Computing Software

    Official Website of OpenStack open source cloud computing software for public and private clouds.

  • MySQL at Facebook

    MySQL at Facebook

    MySQL at Facebook - Notes, new and links about this database engine on the massive-multi-user social network.

  • Jeremy Zawodny's MySQL Stuff

    Jeremy Zawodny's MySQL Stuff

    Jeremy Zawodny's MySQL Stuff - Includes articles, presentations, and software.

  • MySQL Performance Blog

    MySQL Performance Blog

    MySQL Performance Blog - Variety of articles with strong focus on optimization, performance, tweaks, hacks and tools. Offer services on MySQL consulting: data recovery, indexing, high availability, implementation and scaling.